About Us & Our Mission

About the Ferrell Foundation

Fighting is a skill we develop when dealing with adverse situations. Sometimes we choose to fight and other times we are forced to. The fight against cancer is no different.

The Ferrell Foundation is focused on raising both money and awareness for the fight against cancer. Cancer directly affects the world in which we live today. Our prayer is to make living with cancer easier for those already affected by this disease and prevent it from impacting future generations by ultimately ending cancer in our lifetime.

Our vision for the Ferrell Foundation is to bring fun events to the community where we can share our mission and raise support for the fight against cancer. The success of the foundation will rely on continued community involvement and support. No matter how big or small of a contribution- we can all participate in the Fight to End Cancer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor, inspire, and support all those affected by cancer by helping to fund research and improve the quality of life for patients and their families.